Guide to Automated Sortation Equipment

Parcel sorter systems are used in the automated sortation process of packages and parcels in distribution and ecommerce fulfillment centers. There are many types of sortation automation and equipment, each suited to different applications. Automatic sorter systems can be simply one or two diverts on a slow moving line of conveyor or they could be high speed double sided diverters processing many 1,000 parcels per hour.  Additionally, the size, weight and shape of the packages being sorted plays a large part in selecting the correct sortation equipment.

There are many benefits to automating the sortation process in a logistics hub. The following are 4 significant reasons that make implementation worthwhile:

Labour Savings: By automating the conveying and sortation process in a distribution center, the reliance on skilled labour is significantly reduced. In regions where there are limited numbers of workers available, automation can be a significant competitive advantage.

Throughput: Sortation systems can be designed to induct and sort at much faster rates than a group of workers would do in a manual sortation process. With that in mind, sorter systems should be designed to have capacity that meets and exceeds the demand to allow for future growth.

Competitiveness: In markets where peak capacity and order accuracy are critical, an automated parcel sortation system can assist you in staying ahead of the competition.

Accuracy: Automatic sorter systems can sort hundreds of items per minute with incredibly high rates of accuracy.

Below are some of the technologies available for the automated sorting of parcels and packages.