Making use of automation for parcel sorting is useful for both shippers, and consumers. The fast rise in E-commerce has been largely embraced by consumers – which can be a turned to a benefit for retailers.

Due to the increase of e-commerce, companies who deliver parcels now face the difficulty of delivery speed – customers expect shipments to be delivered faster than ever before. To deal with this issue, many shippers have turned to a traditional solution- simply employing more staff for parcel sorting – which may not be a viable long-term solution. Automation offers a better way forward.

Why you need to consider automation:

  1. Accurate Results
    Mistakes are easily made during a manual-sorting process, mis-sorts and incorrect labelling will affect packages being delivered on time and can ultimately result in customer dissatisfaction. Making use of automated parcel sorting guarantees constant accurate results.
  2. Traceability or Data Tracking
    There will be a decrease in requests about missing packages- customers are able to keep track of where exactly their packages are. Data can be collected regarding the time-frame where a parcel was handled – this can give an indication of operational efficiency and provide insight for ways to improve the delivery process. 
  3. Improved Operations and Efficiency
    With automation, an increasing number of parcels are handling in a shorter production window. Tools used to track returns or inbound shipments are often utilized – this can help with streamlining operations.  With the ability to see where packages are real-time, shippers can plan the staffing and equipment needed. Better efficiency also can be achieved through incorporating other business systems, such as live invoicing systems or customs clearance systems.
  4. Save Money
    ‘Time is money’ may be a phrase you’ve heard many times – well, it is indeed – now more than ever before. Utilizing automation will reduce costs through automating the tasks of scanning, weighing, dimensioning and sorting parcels. Automation should reduce the labour cost as well as your cost per parcel.

Embracing Automation
Automating doesn’t mean replacing all existing systems – the transition can be approached with a strategic manner. Logistics companies have begun to move away from the ‘hub-and-spoke model’ and a good place to start to automate is the parcel sortation at local and regional distribution centres. In the past, the volumes at regional centres might not have justified automation, however with the increase of e-commerce it is becoming more realistic and a great place to start automating.

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