Wheel Sorter

Scalable and Modular Sortation

Transforming Logistics with Wheel Sorter Technology

Transforming Logistics

Welcome to the future of logistics efficiency, where the Wheel Sorter takes center stage. In the fast-paced world of warehousing and intralogistics, precision and adaptability are paramount. The Wheel Sorter has emerged as an excellent solution, reshaping the way we think about parcel sortation automation, allowing your automation to scale with your business.

Transforming Logistics

Wheel Sorter Technology

At the heart of our Wheel Sorter technology lies a simple yet powerful concept. A robust structure of motorized pivoting wheels, sensors, and chutes working in harmony to orchestrate seamless sorting. Designed to be very robust, this modular system is the backbone of many of our installations. Using high quality components from global manufactures ensures minimal downtime.

Wheel Sorter Technology

Versatility in Layouts

Our Wheel Sorter technology thrives in diversity. Picture your warehouse; dynamic and ever-changing. Our modular approach allows effortless integration into various warehouse or terminal layouts. Easily adaptable, Wheel Sorters ensure your facility remains future-ready, adjusting to evolving parcel volumes without major disruptions.

Speed and Precision

Experience speed and precision with Wheel Sorters in action. With throughputs of up to 6000 parcels per hour, your logistics operation can handle high volumes of parcels swiftly and accurately. Our modular system ensures that this efficiency remains a constant, whether you're dealing with peaks in demand or adapting to seasonal changes.

Speed and Precision

Adapting to Changing Needs

In a world where change is the only constant, our Wheel Sorter stands out. With modular, scalable automation we can work with whatever space you have available. Your sortation system can be raised up so you have access passages underneath or we can design it to be as compact as possible.

We can even extend your sorter without having to stop your production until you are ready to take the new hardware into daily operation.

Adapting to Changing Needs

Tackling the Challenge of "Ugly" Freight

In the realm of logistics, not all parcels are created equal. Some defy standard dimensions, earning the moniker of "ugly" or "out of gauge" freight. Enter our Wheel Sorter – a champion in handling the unconventional. Whether it's a cumbersome length or an oddly shaped parcel, our modular Wheel Sorter rises to the occasion, showcasing its versatility in managing the unpredictable.

Tackling the Challenge of

Key Benefits

Large range of items handled

Scalable and Modular

Unlimited Sorter Lanes

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