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Matkahuolto – Finland

See how we helped Matkahuolto automate their parcel sorting process for a wide range of freight.

The Solution

The solution is a scalable sortation system with dynamic dimension, and weight capture, with a 5-sided barcode reading.

The sortation technology is Scaletronic modular wheel sorters.

The entire system is 1m wide with large accumulation chutes to gather the parcels. This enables the system to accommodate large parcels.

The solution is capable of handling parcels up to 50kg, maintaining Matkahuolto’s ability to handle a wide range of parcel types and sizes via this depot.

The Challenge

Matkahuolto had an entirely manual parcel sorting process, where they had to handle a wide variety of parcels and shipment types and sizes, from envelopes, to a lawn mower in a box.

Matkahuolo weren’t capturing accurate data on every item so there was an opportunity to recover lost revenue.

Due to the operation being very labor-intensive, a low throughput was being generated from day-to-day operations. This was an opportunity for a clear gain in operational throughput, with less overheads required.

All in all, the need to automate was clear - Reduce sorting errors, reduce headcount, increase capacity, and gather accurate data.

The Result

As a result Matkahuolo can invoice more accurately, achieve higher parcel throughput, in less time, with less cost, and with increased capacity for the future.

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Freja - Denmark

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