• Hundreds of parcels?

    How do you invoice them and be sure of a profit?

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  • High Speed Dimension Scanning

    The M505 Freight Volume System combined with the fastest mini-sorter on the market can scan and process 2,000 parcels a hour.

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  • Custom Parcel and Pallet
    Handling Systems

    Scaletronic offers a variety of parcel and pallet handling equipment such as
    conveyors, lifts, and stackers in to operate in conjunction with our Freight Volume Systems.

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What does Scaletronic do?

We exist to help logistic companies and 3PL warehouses apply profit to every single parcel and pallet that they send.


With our Freight Volume Systems you can be certain you are invoicing every item of freight correctly – whether you handle 100 items a day or whether you handle 100,000 items a day.

Our Freight Volume Systems are MID Approved systems for measuring dimension (Length, Width, Height) and weight of parcels and palletized goods.

 Our Freight Volume Systems are the only Volume Weight Systems that combine the:

ID number | Length, Width, Height | Weight | 2 pictures of the freight | Date

So what is Volume Weight?

The rules for calculating freight charges have been around for decades: Clients pay for the volume weight or the actual weight of the goods, whichever is greater. The sender declares the dimensions of the shipment (Length, Width, Height) and Weight.

For domestic shipments, the freight charge is based on:

Volume Weight: Length x Width x Height x 250 kg / m3
Example: A parcel is 60 x 40 x 30 cm and weighs 7.5 kg
Volume Weight: 0.6 x 0.4 x 0.3 x 250  =             18 kg
Weight:       7.5 kg

In this example, the client should be charged for 18 kg and not 7.5 kg  – this is clearly a major increase compared to the actual weight.

Scaletronic Volume Weight Systems Volume Weight formula

Why Scaletronic?


We currently have representation in over 10 countries, offices in 2 countries and we’re continuously looking to expand.


We set out in 1978, giving us 4 decades of experience and knowledge that we can share with you.


Our personal approach allows our valued customers to come back again and again for advice and help.


Our famous value for money and unsurpassed customer service make us the preferred partner for many logistic companies.

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