Scaletronic offers a fully automated parcel processing solution. Our dynamic Dimensioning, Weighing and Scanning (DWS) systems provide significant cost benefits to CEP (Courier, Express, Parcel) providers.

We ensure that your operation runs smoothly, and every parcel you process increase your profitability, while improving shipping accuracy, and delivering best of class customer service.

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Dynamic Data Capture & Sortation


To make complex automation processes simple, delivered with fast, flexible service and high quality.


Scaletronic delivers advanced solutions to optimize the handling of parcels, packets, documents and irregular items for logistics hubs and fulfillment centres of all sizes.

The wide range of solutions for automated parcel handling can be supplied as stand-alone solutions or as part of a fully integrated automation system.

  • Automated Data Capture

    Our dynamic DWS data capture systems provide: fully automated barcode reading from up to 5-sides, parcel dimensioning including length, width, height and weighing of items.

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  • Automated Parcel Sortation

    The sortation technologies we deliver have a configurable, compact design and variety of possible applications, that make our sorting automation the heart of any logistics operation, distribution centre or depot.

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How do we stand out from others?

We move fast! And we are passionate about improving. In our quest to be the best we act on the belief that products, processes and systems can always be better.

Implementing automation can be painful. We understand that. So we’ve set out to demonstrate that it doesn’t need to be a long, painful process.

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Optimised space

Large range of items handled

Ease of maintenance

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Global Presence

We currently have representation in over 12 countries, offices in 6 countries and we’re continuously looking to expand.

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45 Years Know-How

We set out in 1978, giving us 4 decades of experience and knowledge that we can share with you.

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