New Automatic Barcode Capture Stations

By Damon Bricknell | 28/04/2022 | Share:

Over the past few years, we’ve been seeing an increasing demand for New Automatic Barcode Capture Stations. So, we’ve developed a solution that fits the demand.

Our new automatic barcode scanning stations are a quick and easy solution to upgrade your operation from manual barcode scanning to automated barcode data capture.

The modular design allows for rapid deployment over existing conveyors and is configurable to allow from one sided up to 6-sided barcode reading.

With the Scaletronic solution Scan-Sort software package, the parcel ID is captured and uploaded directly to your WMS or ERP along with a timestamp and location.

The system contains filtering of allowed barcodes, so production codes or other barcodes on the parcel will be rejected. It can also import EDI for a match of known barcodes. The widest range of items types and sizes, can be processed through this system.

Our Scaletronic end-to-end solution includes a DWS station that can automatically capture the package’s data: Dimensions and Weight, as well as sorting to as many chutes as needed. The system is scalable and can be extended over time. Cameras for image capture are an optional extra that is easily added.

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