Cross Belt Sorter

Precision and Speed in Logistics

High Speed Sortation with Cross Belt Technology

Understanding Cross Belt Sorters

At its core, a Cross Belt Sorter is a conveyor-based sorting system comprising independently operated short conveyor belts mounted transversely along the main track. This design allows for a dynamic and efficient sorting process, making it a go-to solution for industries with diverse sorting needs.

Understanding Cross Belt Sorters

Types of Cross Belt Sorter

Cross Belt Sorters come in various types, adapting to the unique demands of different industries. The two standard types are horizontal and vertical Cross Belt Sorters. Both utilize linear induction motor technology, ensuring simplified operation, easier maintenance, and reduced mechanical wear over time.

Horizontal Cross Belt Sorters are formatted in a loop layout.
Vertical Cross Belt Sorters are formatted in a linear layout.

Applications of Cross Belt Sorters

Cross Belt Sorters shine in sorting parcels, apparel, and small items that pose challenges, such as fragile or high-friction products. This technology, known for its gentle handling, ensures tight divert points and boasts high sortation rates exceeding 12,000 parcels per hour. Its adaptability extends across various applications, including inbound sortation, order fulfillment, cross-docking, shipping, kitting, and more.

Applications of Cross Belt Sorters

Flexible Design and Orientations

The Cross Belt Sorter boasts a flexible design available in horizontal or vertical orientations, and oval, U, or straight shapes. This flexibility ensures that the sorter aligns with the unique layout and demands of different facilities. The ability to adapt its shape and orientation makes it a customizable and efficient solution for various logistical setups.

Flexible Design and Orientations

Key Benefits

High Speed Sortation

Flexible in Layout Design

Parcels, apparel, and small items

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