How it all began – 4 decades ago

Kim Lyneborg set out in 1978 selling weighing scales and in 1998 began a new division, manufacturing Dimension Scanner systems for dimensioning, weighing and scanning of parcels and pallets to calculate volume weight.

His first customer was a Danish logistics company that was so impressed they purchased his prototype.

This was the beginning of the range of Freight Volume Systems we offer today. 

MID Certified

The MID directive entered into force on 30 October 2006. From this date volume scanning systems have to be MID approved, if used for invoicing. This very stringent directive applies in 29 countries. Approvals are based on OIML recommendations.

Our Freight Volume System M101, M202, M404 and M505 are MID Type Approved which means you are permitted to use the data for invoicing.

The Future of Scaletronic – onwards and upwards!

In May 2017 Warren and Rick took over the ownership of the business to make Kim’s retirement possible in the future.

As a company our mission is to Improve Productivity Rates and Logistics Efficiency for every company we work with by implementing Intelligent Supply Chain solutions.

We’re committed to keep breaking through conventional boundaries and accepted norms to keep bringing more profit to logistic companies and high volume warehouses all over the world.

Our Values

Our values underpin our company culture

We believe that this is the only way to do business. We can assure straightforward communication, kept promises, and achievable deadlines.

We move fast! And we are obsessed with improving. In our quest to be the best we act on the belief that products, processes and systems can always be better.

Our endless commitment to deliver real, measurable value to our customers is shown in our people, our practice and our products.

Our thought process goes deep. To deliver our promises, we draw on our decades of experience to ensure that every detail is considered and every challenge overcome.

Why Scaletronic?


We currently have representation in over 10 countries, offices in 2 countries and we’re continuously looking to expand.


We set out in 1978, giving us 4 decades of experience and knowledge that we can share with you.


Our personal approach allows our valued customers to come back again and again for advice and help.


Our famous value for money and unsurpassed customer service make us the preferred partner for many logistic companies.

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