Automation that grows with you

Logistics companies across the world are facing huge challenges; Increasing labour costs, shortage of space and increasing volumes.

Scaletronic has the solution in flexible, modular automation systems. Truly modular hardware and software results in scalable solutions that grow with your operation.

Minimal Distruption

We know that your space is a premium so we have fine-tuned our process to minimise your downtime and install your new automation as efficiently as possible.

We calibrate and thoroughly test the hardware and software components in-house before we deliver to your site - keeping the installation and commissioning process to a minimum.

Minimal Distruption

Layout Flexibility

With modular, scalable automation we can work with whatever space you have available. Your sortation system can be raised up so you have access passages underneath or we can design it to be as compact as possible.

Need to relocate your sorter to another building? No problem.

We can even extend your sorter without having to stop your production until you are ready to take the new hardware into daily operation.

Layout Flexibility

See the Modular Concept in action

Flexible, modular automation systems.

Legal-for-trade data gathering, with automated weight, dimensions, and barcode capture. This technology combined with truly modular parcel sortation automation provides logistics companies with the flexibility they need to handle increasing volumes, whilst keeping the cost per parcel down.

And once you need more destinations on the sorter, you can simply expand your automation system – add more infeeds for increased data capture, and add as many destinations as your operation needs.

Finally you can invest in automation that grows with you!

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