Automation Control & Communication

Our automation control software is built entirely inhouse to facilitate our mission making complex automation processes simple, delivered with fast, flexible service and high quality.

An entire parcel sorter can be controlled from a single control unit, with real-time data communications taking place at multiple points along the system.

UI & analytics

Our intuitive User Interface and dashboards give your management a complete overview and make it easy for operators to control their automation.

With our analytics module you can see throughput, errors and data trends over time.

The Main Key Benefits of using our Software


Fast and lightweight


Best Practices

We utilise best practices and stable, open-source technology.

With modern standardized data communication protocols, we can integrate with virtually any ERP or WMS system in the market.

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Control Redundancy

Remove downtime with our option for hot-switch redundancy. With an additional control unit installed in your automation system you can simply switch to the backup should there be an issue with the primary unit.

Data capture and sortation continues, and data communication to your ERP or WMS system is uninterrupted.

Quick and easy updates

We are continually improving and developing our software offering to ensure that you get the most out of our automation. All changes are tested thoroughly in our test environment before we roll out updates quickly and easily with remote access to your automation.

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