Follow our journey over the last 4 decades

  • 1978

    Scaletronic Is Born

    Scaletronic 19781st July: Scaletronic ApS is started by Kim Lyneborg and Lauritz Holmstrøm, both of whom were previously employed at the electronics department in ANRA, which closed. The company starts in a 50 m2 basement in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, dealing with “Tailor-made” electronic controls as a subcontractor for other weighing companies.

  • 1981

    Moved To Bigger Premises

    Scaletronic logo 1978

    The company moved to Taastrup to 120m2 building with offices and a workshop. Pictured is our logo from this era.


  • 1981


    Initiated a collaboration with a newly established computer company for computer repair. This will spread the activities to other industries so that the company becomes less dependent on just scales.

  • 1981

    Computer Design

    Scaletronic First ComputerThe company designed and produced its own computer with multitask basic software.


  • 1986

    Moved Again

    Move to 400m2 premises in Taastrup with larger offices and better production space.

  • 1987

    Sister Company Starts

    Scaletronic CommodoreStartup of Commodore Service Partner with company in Vejle, so that we become a nationwide computer service and repair centre.


  • 1992


    The company buys SK-Vægte and takes over the employees. At the same time, an agency for scales from England becomes available.

  • 1994

    Sister Company Sold

    We sold our sister company Commodore Service Partner to the company in Vejle so that Scaletronic could focus on scales nationwide.


  • 1996

    First Website

    29 November: Launched our first website on displaying our weigh scale product offering.

  • 1997

    Dimension Scanners

    We began to design and manufacture our first dimension scanners for parcels.


  • 2007

    MID Approval

    Scaletronic Dimension Scanners get MID approved
  • 2009

    MID Approval

    Scaletronic automatic scales get MID approved


  • 2010

    Sortation Systems

    We begin to design and manufacture parcel sortation systems.

  • 2017

    New Ownership

    Scaletronic gets new Directors and new investment


  • 2017

    UK Office Opens

    Scaletronic UK office 2017We expand into the UK market with our own office in Sheffield.
  • 2017

    Rebrand And New Websites

    We rebrand to modernise our appearance and launch a new webshop for scales in Denmark and a new website to promote Dimension Scanners globally.


  • 2018

    Extensive Growth

    Turnover increase and 4 new team members onboard.

  • 2018

    New Headquarters in Denmark

    We moved to new, larger premises in Denmark to make space for our dramatic growth.


  • 2019

    Team Growth

    Three new team members in the first 5 weeks of 2019.

  • 2021

    European Expansion

    We start 2021 with a new offices in Germany and Sweden


THE FUTURE: Huge growth and success!