Wheel Sorter Modular Automation

Logistics companies across the world are facing huge challenges.  Increasing labour costs, shortage of space and increasing volumes. Scaletronic has the solution in flexible, modular automation systems.

Custom made sorting solutions

Do you run e-commerce, third-party logistics or warehousing and logistics operations? Then you have a lot to gain from making improvements in package sorting. Here at Scaletronic we design and develop tailor-made logistics solutions to streamline…

4 Reasons To Choose Automated Parcel Sortation

Making use of automation for parcel sorting is useful for both shippers, and consumers. The fast rise in E-commerce has been largely embraced by consumers - which can be a turned to a benefit for retailers.Due to the…

New automatic barcode capture stations

Over the past year we've been seeing an increasing demand for automatic barcode capture. So we've developed a solution. Our new automatic barcode scanning stations are a quick and easy solution to upgrade your operation from manual barcode…

M505 DWS Explainer Video

If your parcel handling operation is grappling with lost or missing parcels, has the hassle of hiring in temporary labour to fulfil peak demand, and the worry of not knowing how much revenue is being lost due to under-declared consignments…

When is it time to upgrade your old conveyor system?

A good quality conveyor system that is well maintained can last a considerable time, however if your conveyor system is becoming progressively unreliable, then maybe it is time to upgrade. There are obvious signs that are powerful indicators…

Introducing the Memor 10

Datalogic has recently launched the new Memor™ 10 mobile computer, and we are exciting to annouce that Scaletronic is now offering one of the most advanced and competitive devices Datalogic has launched in recent years. The Memor 10…
Scaletronic ConveyorsScaletronic

Belt or Powered Roller Conveyors?

Belt conveyor and roller conveyor are both used to transport products within a warehouse or terminal. With similar basic functionality, it can be difficult at times to determine which is the best conveyor type to apply.
Scaletronic small parcel sorting

[New Video] Small Parcel Sorting

See our M505 DWS system dimension, weigh and sort small, lightweight parcels and bags. 2,000 parcels per hour. Handles bags with no issues. Gentle sorting resulting in zero damage.
Datalogic Powerscan Scaletronic

Introducing Datalogic PowerScan

As part of our closer partnership with Datalogic, we're pleased to introduce the new Datalogic hand-scanners to our product offering.   These robust, reliable scanners are perfect for use in warehousing and logistics.  The PowerScan family…