When is it time to upgrade your old conveyor system?

A good quality conveyor system that is well maintained can last a considerable time, however if your conveyor system is becoming progressively unreliable, then maybe it is time to upgrade. There are obvious signs that are powerful indicators…

Introducing the Memor 10

Datalogic has recently launched the new Memor™ 10 mobile computer, and we are exciting to annouce that Scaletronic is now offering one of the most advanced and competitive devices Datalogic has launched in recent years. The Memor 10…
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Signed, Sealed, Undelivered

I was at a family wedding recently where my brother-in-law was responsible for all the music. As an accomplished musician and DJ, he was going to perform a number of songs and then DJ for the rest of the evening. Expecting him to...
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Parcel Sorting Automation Can't Wait

The ongoing boom in e-commerce is driving a growing demand for the automation of parcel processing, from the sorting phase to preparing for distribution.
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Belt or Powered Roller Conveyors?

Belt conveyor and roller conveyor are both used to transport products within a warehouse or terminal. With similar basic functionality, it can be difficult at times to determine which is the best conveyor type to apply.
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Double your revenue

In recent years, freight companies have seen declining revenues as shipments have become steadily lighter. Studies have found a significant difference between volume weight and actual weight.
Scaletronic Legal for Trade

What Does Legal for Trade Mean?

In all commercial applications where product is sold by weight, it is a legal requirement that weighing equipment must be verified as ‘legal for trade’ or 'trade approved'. In summary, this means that the equipment has undergone a stringent…

The global freight structure is changing

"In the future, transport will be global, and there will be lots of it. Indications are that transport needs will rise dramatically".

Who's cheating who?

For years, freight companies at various points in the delivery chain and senders have been passing around a “hot potato”. The rules for calculating freight charges have been around for decades: Clients pay for the volume weight or…