Wheel Diverters
These polyurethane wheels handle a wide range of shipments with ease


Robust Drive
With 400V power drive, this sorter is built to last in rugged environments


Adjustable Sort Angle
The wheels can divert from 30 degrees to 90 degrees as applicable


Feed Conveyor
The feed conveyors can be belt or rollers depending on the application.

Wheel Sorter

The Wheel Sorter by Scaletronic is a highly versatile sortation technology

Large variations in size and weight are no problem for this high speed parcel sorting solution. Our Wheel Sorter can easily divert both parcels and plastic bags at high speeds.

The technology is modular and utilises pivoting wheels that can divert up to 90°.

Its simple maintenance and high productivity make it an ideal solution for couriers and parcel handling companies, from simple layouts, to large complex automation solutions.

Flexible Handling

Sort Parcels, Poly Bags and Envelopes with ease and accuracy.

High Volume Throughput

Up-to 6,000 parcels an hour with speeds of 2m/s

Adjustable Sort Angle

The Wheel Sorter is easy to adjust from 30 degree sort angle to 90 degree sort angle.

Unlimited Sorter Lanes

Our high speed, fully electrical, sorter can be configured for as many lanes as you need.

Wheel Sorter Technical Data

Parcels: Min: Max:
Length, mm 100 1400
Width, mm 50 1000
Height, mm 3 800
Weight, kg 0,01 50
Capacity 2,000 – 6,000 parcels per hour

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