Automatic Pallet Wrapping Scaletronic

Top Quality Gearing
We only use the best German gears for decades of service.


Wrapper Cassette
The wrapping cassette spins around the pallet


Top Quality Motors
We use the best motors for longevity


Wrapping Arm

These arms are heavily fabricated to minimize the risk of warping over the years of service.


Adaptable Conveyors

We have a wide range of conveyors, from roller conveyors to chain conveyors.

Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machines

We are a leading specialist in stretchwrapping machines and pallet handling equipment.

The Scaletronic range of fully automatic stretch wrappers includes turntable, turn arm and ring machines. These can be supplied with a topsheet applicator and an extensive range of conveyoring and pallet handling equipment. They are designed for reliability and can provide line speeds of up to 150 pallets an hour.

Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machines Scaletronic

Wrap Long Items

A single wrapper can wrap very long narrow products such as piping, tubing or door sections.

Bale Wrappers

Our bale wrappers consist  of a unique combination of a high-speed swing arm wrapper and a vertical wrapper.


Our range of high quality easy to use semi-automatic stretchwrappers are designed to provide efficient, economical and reliable wrapping solutions.

High Speed Wrapping

Our fastest systems can stretch wrap up-to 150 pallets per hour, streamlining processes and removing bottlenecks!

Why use Scaletronic Stretch Wrappers?

Our line of semi-automatic and automatic pallet stretch wrapping equipment combines technology, innovation and experience into products that deliver results you can depend on.

With happy customers on every continent we are ready to help you with your pallet handling and stretch wrapping challenges anywhere in the world.

Standard Automatic Wrapping Machine Specifications

  • Tailor-made to each customer’s requirements
  • High Capacity – up to 150 pallets per hour
  • Robust construction with best quality standard components
  • Designed to operate within all industries including heavy duty production and in tough environment
  • The compact film carriage with double motorized film pre-stretch and the electronic film tension controller ensure the correct film tension & low film consumption
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy service access
  • Stepless adjustment of film tension
  • Stepless adjustment of film overlay
  • Runs all standard types of film
  • Siemens S7 1200 PLC is standard, other types on request
  • All motors can be operated manually
  • Safe signal exchange with other control units

Looking for world-class quality equipment for stretch wrapping? Contact us.

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