ScaleSort Control Panel
The whole system is operated from this control panel with Scaletronic ScaleSort software


Barcode Readers

The automatic barcode readers scan the ID for sortation



The Mini-Sorter parcel diverter sorts the parcels left, right or forward.


Error Lane

One sorter lane is designated as an error lane for parcels than cannot be sorted.


Sorting Lane

The software can be configured to send the parcels to whichever lane you want.

Parcel Mini-Sorter

Our Parcel Mini-Sorter for parcels is a highly efficient sorter for up-to 2,000 parcels per hour.

It is fully electric, eliminating the need for compressed air.

The Mini-Sorter is sold with our M505 High-Speed Dimension Scanner and our M101 Parcel Dimension Scanner. It can also be implemented with other conveyor systems as a stand alone sorter system.

Very Compact Footprint

Get automated sortation without losing valuable floorspace.

High Volume Throughput

2,000 parcels an hour with 50kg capacity.

5 sided reading

Barcodes can be read from 5 sides: Top, Left, Right, Front, and Back to maximise sorting accuracy.

Unlimited Sorter Lanes

Our high speed, fully electrical, sorter can be configured for as many lanes as you need, providing a complete system.

Parcel Mini Sorter Technical Data

Parcels: Min: Max:
Length, mm 150 1000
Width, mm 100 800
Height, mm 10 800
Weight, kg 0,1 50
Capacity 2.000 parcels pr. hour

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