Dimensioning with laser
High-precision laser sensors which measure the length, the width, and the height


Adjustable bracket for non-rectangular items
This bracket can be adjusted to make the measurement of non-rectangular items possible.


All the data is clearly displayed on the Packcube touchscreen.


Battery Pack
The optional battery pack makes the Packcube completely wireless.


Mobile Trolley
Combined with the optional battery pack, this trolley completes the mobile Packcube solution.

Packcube Semi-Automatic Weighing and Cubing

The Packcube is the ideal tool for non-contact detection of volume and weight of packages.

The semi-automatic measurement of dimensions (length x width x height) and weight takes place in a matter of seconds.
By gathering the measurements, the correct packaging can be determined and warehouse and cargo plans can be organized.
The dimensioning is done with high-precision laser sensors, and the scale consists of three verifiable, laser-welded load cells.

During the weighing the corresponding volume weight is calculated. Via an interface connection the values determined can be imported to the stock management system or WMS.

An optional camera can be added to record a product photo for your master data.

Simple Operation

Very simple and easy to operate, minimising operator training.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance and wear-free execution of dimensioning and weighing, minimising service cost.

Large Measurement Range

Gather dimensions on items from 50mm up-to 800mm, and up-to 60kg.

Strong and Robust

The construction of the Packcube is made of powder-coated steel welded together for maximum strength.

Packcube Technical Data

Parcels: Min: Max:
Length, mm 50 800
Width, mm 50 800
Height, mm 20 860
Weight, kg 0,1 60
Capacity 200 parcels per hour

Standard DWS Specification

  • Frame made of powder-coated steel
  • Low construction height for easy application of parcels
  • Capacity: 60 kg or 150 kg
  • Reliable weighing by three verifiable, laser-welded load cells
  • Three high-quality laser distance sensors with laser class 1
  • Maintenance and wear-free  weighing
  • Height adjustable feet allow leveling of the system
  • Easy handling with ease of use
  • Easy integration with ERP, WMS and shipping systems
  • Direct connection to existing PC systems via RS-232 or USB interface
  • Easy process integration
  • Intuitive software provides all the data at a glance

Optional Additions

  • Camera
  • Measuring stop for measurement of non-cubic objects
  • Trolley for use as a mobile workplace

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