Scaletronic M404 Parcel Dimensioning

Touchscreen PC with DWS software


Hand held barcode reader


80 x 80cm scale with 100kg capacity


MID approved ultrasound dimension measuring


Dimension Read-out


2 Cameras to capture images of each parcel

M404 Freight Volume System

The M404 is a MID approved low cost semi-automatic system for parcel scanning.

Constructed for small to medium size terminals and warehouses the M404 is a compact Dimension and Weighing system. It measures the dimension and weight and couples with the barcode for the identification. The data is stored in a local SQL database and transmitted to a management/ERP-system. The transmission can be in Real Time or in Batch Mode. The system registers Barcode, Weight and Dimension and as an option two pictures of the parcel.

MID Certified

MID Certified for invoicing from the data.

Fast Operation

The complete scanning time is less than one second. The system is only limited by how fast the operator can place the parcels.

Stand alone or integrated

The system can be placed on a table for manual use or placed in a conveyor system.

Simple operation

The manual scanner coupled with a 15,6 inch touch screen makes the M404 very simple to operate.

M404 Technical Data 800 x 800

Parcels: Min: Max:
Length, mm 100 550
Width, mm 50 550
Height, mm 50 850
Weight, kg 0,25 60

Standard DWS Specification

  • Dimension scanning by Ultrasound.
  • Weighing Scale
  • Serial interface

Optional Additions

  • Computer system with touch screen
  • Integrated Wireless LAN
  • Windows 7
  • SQL database
  • Data saved locally for 62 days
  • Automatic data transfer to a FTP server
  • Barcode reader
  • Label filter with priority setting
  • Cameras
  • Remote access
  • Battery operation