M303 Freight Volume System

The M303 Freight Volume System is for Odd size goods. 10% of the normal goods are not suitable for the automatic systems.

The problems can be many:

  1. 1. Not suitable for running on a conveyor
  2. 2. The shape is very odd.
  3. 3. Goods are transparent
  4. 4. Goods are too long
  5. 5. Goods are too heavy

All these can be registered on the M303

MID Certified

MID Certified weighing scale (OIML R76)

Simple Operation

This dimension scanner is very simple to operate.

Data Upload

Incorporates our automatic transfer of data to your FTP server or the cloud server.

Very Versatile

Can be used for any goods with dimensions over 200 x 200mm

M303 Technical Data

Odd Size Goods: Min: Max:
Length, mm 300 6000*
Width, mm 200 3000*
Height, mm 200 2500
Weight, kg 6 3000

*Platform is 1500 x1500 mm but goods can be wider/longer. Be aware of the centre of gravity.

Standard DWS Specification

  • Certified scale (OIML R76)
  • Sturdy and reliable construction
  • Simple operation
  • Positioning of shipment not critical
  • Operated by scanning barcodes
  • Barcode filter defines approved codes (incl. international SSCC codes)
  • Windows XP
  • Multitasking
  • SQL database
  • Automatic transfer of data to client’s FTP server
  • Photos of shipment from right and left sides. (stores images for two months)

Optional Additions

  • Wireless barcode readers
  • Label filter with priority configuration
  • EDI database for shipments known in advance
  • Route database
  • Error log

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