Touchscreen Control Panel
The whole system is operated from this control panel


Scanners & Cameras
The dimension scanners and cameras are mounted above and at the sides.


Weighing Scale
As the parcels past through the scanner they are also weighed


Sturdy Construction

The conveyor can be low to the ground as shown or can be raised up, depending on your requirements.


Queuing Area

The scanned pallets wait here to be taken off the conveyor, once the last one is removed the next pallet moves forward automatically.

M202 Freight Volume System

The M202 is a dimension scanner for weighing and cubing palletized goods and large cargo.

It is a semi-automatic feed system so when you take out the last pallet the next one in the queue moves forward. The system can be configured with different buffer capacity for the pallets.

It can be loaded with manual pallet trucks or fork trucks.

MID Certified

MID Certified dimension measuring system (OIML R129) and MID Certified automatic dynamic scale (OIML R51)

High Volume Throughput

480 pallets an hour when the maximum length of the goods is 1400mm

3 sided reading

Barcodes can be read from 3 sides: Top, Left, Right, with a min. barcode-height of 18 mm and 15 mil. density.

Market Approval

We think this is the most versatile pallet dimension scanner on the market with some of the biggest names in the game using this weighing and cubing system.

M202 Pallet Dimension Scanner Technical Data

Pallets: Min: Max:
Length, mm 300 3000
Width, mm 200 1500
Height, mm 200 1800
Weight, kg 2,5 1500
Capacity 400 pallets per hour

Standard DWS Specification

  • Certified dimension measuring system (OIML R129)
  • Certified automatic dynamic scale (OIML R51)
  • Sturdy and reliable construction
  • Simple operation
  • Positioning of shipment not critical
  • Mathematical streamer trimming
  • Operated by manual scanning of barcodes
  • Barcode filter defines approved codes (incl. international SSCC codes)
  • Complete conveyor belt control with graphical status image
  • Windows 10
  • Multitasking
  • SQL database
  • Automatic transfer of data to client’s FTP server
  • Complete motor control with safety relay and emergency stop for the primary circuit
  • Complies with EN 60204-1 (Machine directive, cat. 3)
  • Photos of shipment from the front and rear, angled (stores images for two months)

Optional Additions

  • Wireless barcode readers
  • Automatic barcode readers
  • Label filter with priority configuration
  • EDI database for shipments known in advance
  • Route database
  • Error log

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