Both manual and automatic barcode reading are options


Dynamic scale with a capacity of 1,000 parcels per hour.


Cameras to take pictures of each parcel for tracking, quality control etc.


Data readout screen

M101 Freight Volume System

The M101 is for parcels. The system can be configured as a small manual system with manual barcode reader or a fully automatic system with automatic barcode reading and sorter output.

All systems are based on the same model, so you can start with the small system and add the automatic systems later.

Communication method and data format can be customized.

MID Certified

MID Certified dimension measuring system (OIML R129) and MID Certified automatic dynamic scale (OIML R51)

Standard Throughput

1,000 parcels an hour and operated by scanning barcodes.

Manual or Auto

The M101 can be equipped with manual barcode or automatic barcode readers.

Mini-sorter Integration

The M101 can have upto 5 lanes. The Mini Sorter module is very efficiency and optimizes handling of parcels.

M101 Technical Data

Parcels: Min: Max:
Length, mm 200 2500
Width, mm 100 1000
Height, mm 100 1000
Weight, kg 0,25 60
Capacity 1000 parcels per hour

Standard DWS Specification

  • Certified dimension measuring system (OIML R129)
  • Certified automatic dynamic scale (OIML R51)
  • Sturdy and reliable construction
  • Simple operation
  • Positioning of shipment not critical
  • Mathematical streamer trimming
  • Operated by scanning barcodes
  • Barcode filter defines approved codes (incl. international SSCC codes)
  • Complete conveyor belt control with graphical status image
  • Windows XP
  • Multitasking
  • SQL database
  • Automatic transfer of data to client’s FTP server
  • Complete motor control with safety relay and emergency stop for the primary circuit
  • Complies with EN 60204-1 (Machine directive, cat. 3)
  • Photos of shipment from the front and rear, angled (stores images for two months)

Optional Additions

  • Wireless barcode readers
  • Automatic barcode readers
  • Label filter with priority configuration
  • EDI database for shipments known in advance
  • Route database
  • Error log

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