Scanner Station
This scanner station scans every item to determine a sort destination


Infeeds can be automatic or manual


Items are handled on these carriers and multiple carriers can be used for large items.


Sortation Chutes
The sorter works in conjunction with the control panel to sort parcels into different lanes.


Sorting Lane

The software can be configured to send the parcels to whichever lane you want.

Cross Belt Sorter

This Cross Belt Sorter offers one of the highest belt width to carrier pitch ratio in the market today. This additional belt width makes the system capable of handling larger product sizes without compromising on throughput. This also means reduced “dead zone” between carrier belts.

The Cross Belt carrier chassis is made up of lightweight aluminium which makes them light yet sturdy. This reduced weight leads to substantial power savings over a considerable period of usage.

It is one of the very few sorters available in the market today that offers the feature of Automatic Item Centering on the Cross Belt carrier using advanced sensors. This helps in reducing the chute pitch and achieve predictable discharge trajectories.

Full Flexibility

Flexible layout possibilities and flexible throughput speeds, utilising different carrier sizes as needed.

High Volume Throughput

Up-to 12,000 carriers an hour with speeds of 2m/s and max weight of 30kg per carrier.

Gentle Handling

Cross Belt Sorter technology is ideal for the gentle handling and sortation of all types of shipments.

Unlimited Sorter Lanes

This high speed cross belt sorter can be configured for as many lanes as you need.

Cross Belt Sorter Technical Data

Parcels: Min: Max:
Length, mm 100 1600
Width, mm 50 1000
Height, mm 3 800
Weight, kg 0.01 30
Capacity 12,000 parcels per hour

Key Advantages

  • Can be Designed in Linear and Loop Configurations
  • Fastest Sortation System Available
  • Gentle Product Sorting for Boxes and Pouches
  • Narrow Sorting Chutes
  • Highly Redundant Design
  • Completely Non Touch Carrier Actuation

Maximum Up-Time

Utmost priority and care has been given to ensure that our Cross Belt Sorter systems are highly redundant and deliver maximum up-time for your parcel sortation operation .

This thought process reflects across all key aspects, including mechanical design, IT architecture and selection of key electrical components.

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