Touchscreen Control Panel
The whole system is operated from this control panel


Scanners & Cameras
The automatic barcode readers and cameras are mounted above



The barcode scanner stations can be placed over existing conveyors


Compact footprint

The system is designed to take up as little floor space as possible

Automatic Barcode Scanning Stations

Our automatic barcode scanning stations are a quick and easy solution to upgrade your operation from manual barcode scanning to automated barcode data capture.

The modular design allows for rapid deployment over existing conveyors and is configurable to allow from 1 sided up-to 6 sided barcode reading.

With the Scaletronic ScanSort software package the parcel ID is captured and uploaded directly to your WMS or ERP along with a timestamp and location.

The system contains filtering of allowed barcodes, so production codes or other barcodes on the parcel will be rejected.
The system can also import EDI for a match of known barcodes.

Cameras for image capture are an optional extra.

Flexible Solutions

Scaletronic Barcode Reading Stations are standalone and can be installed over existing conveyors.

High Volume Throughput

The ability to read and upload parcel IDs from upto 6,000 parcels an hour

6 sided reading

Barcodes can be read from 6 sides: Top, Left, Right, Front, Back, and underside – with a min. barcode resolution of 13 Mil.

Automated Sortation

As we capture the parcel ID we can communicate with a sort table to provide automated parcel sortation

Automatic Barcode Readers

Barcode Readers: Min: Max:
Reading Distance (Min/Max) 600mm 1850mm
Max Resolution 0.25mm (10mils)  1.0mm (40mils)
Side(s) Capture 1 6
Temperature Range 0 C 50 C
Capacity 6,000 parcels per hour

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