Solutions for Automating Parcel Distribution

With global trends in e-commerce on the rise, companies in the courier, express & parcel industry (CEP) must come to terms with increasing demands for cost-effective, reliable, efficient distribution of packets, parcels and documents.

Our team are well-versed in market requirements for high capacity, accuracy, data tracking and revenue recovery.  Armed with this knowledge we develop solutions based on 20 years of industry experience through innovation, leading-edge software and a commitment to low environmental impact.

Decades of experience and dozens of successful implementations enable Scaletronic to offer the most advanced solutions to optimize the handling of parcels, packets, documents and irregular items for hubs of all sizes and requirements.

Scaletronic offers turnkey solutions based on market-leading handling equipment to enable its customers to:

  • Optimize space – well designed, compact and modular solutions
  • Handle the widest range of items with the highest accuracy and ease
  • Maximum up-time for operational peace of mind

Cross-belt sorters, linear sorters, singulators, conveyors and data capture systems are part of the Scaletronic solutions portfolio.

Scaletronic provides a wide range of parcel handling solutions for automated systems. These can be supplied as stand-alone solutions or as part of a fully integrated parcel logistics system. Products include, Parcel Freight Volume Systems, parcel conveyors, carton erectors, parcel dispensers/stackers and parcel sorting.

Scaletronic Parcel Sortation Twistsorter