Scaletronic Logistik & Transport 2017

Visit us at Logistik & Transport 2017

We're pleased to announce that we're exhibiting at Logistik & Transport in Gothenburg next month with our new Swedish partner - ERICO We will have a fully functioning M505 DWS system running for the whole exhibition. Come and see our…
Datalogic Powerscan Scaletronic

Introducing Datalogic PowerScan

As part of our closer partnership with Datalogic, we're pleased to introduce the new Datalogic hand-scanners to our product offering.   These robust, reliable scanners are perfect for use in warehousing and logistics.  The PowerScan family…
Scaletronic Parcel Mini-Sorter

[NEW VIDEO] Scaletronic Mini-Sorter for Parcels.

Our Parcel Mini-Sorter for parcels is a highly efficient sorter for up-to 2,000 parcels per hour. It is fully electric, eliminating the need for compressed air. The Mini-Sorter is sold with our M505 High-Speed Dimension Scanner and our…
Scaletronic volume weight

Double your revenue

In recent years, freight companies have seen declining revenues as shipments have become steadily lighter. Studies have found a significant difference between volume weight and actual weight.
Scaletronic Legal for Trade

What Does Legal for Trade Mean?

In all commercial applications where product is sold by weight, it is a legal requirement that weighing equipment must be verified as ‘legal for trade’ or 'trade approved'. In summary, this means that the equipment has undergone a stringent…

The global freight structure is changing

"In the future, transport will be global, and there will be lots of it. Indications are that transport needs will rise dramatically".

Who’s cheating who?

For years, freight companies at various points in the delivery chain and senders have been passing around a “hot potato”. The rules for calculating freight charges have been around for decades: Clients pay for the volume…

Return on Investment

Volume Weight against the actual weight. It is easy to predict the ROI by changing your invoicing to use Volume Weight.