Scaletronic Volume Weight Systems Volume Weight formula

So what is Volume Weight?

The rules for calculating freight charges have been around for decades: Clients pay for the volume weight or the actual weight of the goods, whichever is greater. The sender declares the dimensions of the shipment (Length, Width, Height) and…

Wheel Sorter Modular Automation

Logistics companies across the world are facing huge challenges.  Increasing labour costs, shortage of space and increasing volumes. Scaletronic has the solution in flexible, modular automation systems.

Custom made sorting solutions

Do you run e-commerce, third-party logistics or warehousing and logistics operations? Then you have a lot to gain from making improvements in package sorting. Here at Scaletronic we design and develop tailor-made logistics solutions to streamline…

4 Reasons To Choose Automated Parcel Sortation

Making use of automation for parcel sorting is useful for both shippers, and consumers. The fast rise in E-commerce has been largely embraced by consumers - which can be a turned to a benefit for retailers.Due to the…

Are you ready for next peak?

With Black Friday upon us or in some cases spread out throughout this week/month, now's the time the focus will be on a lot of warehouses in terms of the their logistics, efficiencies and operational…
Scaletronic MID Approved M505

Why use dynamic parcel dimensioning, weighing and scanning systems?

Dynamic weighing, dimensioning and scanning technology enables Courier, Express, Parcel, Postal, and other logistics...

Guide to Automated Sortation Equipment

Parcel sorter systems are used in the automated sortation process of packages and parcels in distribution and ecommerce fulfillment centers. There are many types of sortation automation and equipment, each suited to different applications.

Cross Docking Explained

What is cross-docking? Essentially, cross-docking removes the storage leg of the supply chain. Products are unloaded from trucks or vans, sorted, and directly reloaded onto outbound trucks or vans to continue their journey. Products going…

Major changes for supply chains post Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic will prove to be a defining moment for supply chains. This is the view of the UK head of logistics platform provider, C.H Robinson. Chris Mills, the company’s Regional Managing Director, Transportation for Western…

Recent projects

Our fantastic team have been keeping busy and making stuff happen. Check out a few pictures from our recent automation projects. These projects have ranged across three different countries with multiple technologies in use.