If your parcel handling operation is grappling with lost or missing parcels, has the hassle of hiring in temporary labour to fulfil peak demand, and the worry of not knowing how much revenue is being lost due to under-declared consignments…

Then you need the Scaletronic M505 system for dimensioning, weighing, scanning and sorting; The end to end solution for automating parcel handling in logistics hubs.

Incoming parcels are placed on the infeed conveyor. They pass through the DWS system. The barcode scan, the weight and the dimensions, along with 2 photographs of the parcel are displayed clearly on the system’s touch screen, and are also uploaded directly to the ERP or WMS system. The problem of lost parcels is virtually eliminated. Sorting is completely automated achieving a vastly reduced error rate and labour headcount.

Knowing the volume weight of every parcel results enables accurate invoicing resulting in recovery of lost revenue.

With Scaletronic, the hub operation becomes scalable and can easily adapt for peak capacity. Talk to us to learn more.

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