Link Logistics Case Study

The Challenge – And The Solution

The Challenge

Parcel ScaletronicLink Logistics is a rapidly growing distribution company. Based in Denmark, they send parcels and packages all over Europe at express speed with economy pricing.

Faced with growing volumes they needed to introduce automation into their business so they got pricing from several companies and weren’t satisfied with the replies they got. The systems were too expensive and too big. One example would have filled the whole of their Brøndby hub, leaving no space for warehousing or storage.

Enter Scaletronic…

The Solution 

We designed and implemented a solution based on our M505 Freight Volume Parcel System and our Scaletronic Dimension Scanner software.

This communicates directly with the Link Logistics warehouse management system to exchange and store data.

Our compact Mini-Sorter solution provided them with a 9 lane sorter in a very small area.

The Result

Now they can handle 6,000 parcels in a 3 hour window at the end of each day and still have space in their Copenhagen hub for their 3PL and warehousing operations.

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Watch the Link Logistics video