Experienced Engineers

Our professionally qualified engineers have a great history of achieving our clients objectives as well as reducing their cost and downtime. Our highly trained engineers at Scaletronic have worked in the materials handling industry for many years allowing us to offer a wide range of cost-effective services. Many of our engineers have experience working on huge intralogistics and parcel sorter installations across Europe and UK.

Onsite installation services

Scaletronic on-site conveyor installation services are performed by skilled, qualified engineers and technicians with extensive experience in the installation of material handling systems. Our installation team have been in the business of conveyor & material handling system installation for many years. This experience (along with our training and safety standards) has give our installation teams the awareness or critical path items, a strong handle on scheduling, and an awareness of critical factors in installing conveyors and sorting systems.

Some of these critical factors in the installation of parcel automation include:

  • Scheduling – most projects have a critical and tight schedule. We know how to manage that.
  • Elevations – the elevation at transition plays a large role in the quality of transitions.
  • Quality first time – a qualified experienced technician is important when it comes to getting it right first time. Mistakes are costly.


We are flexible and ensure that the investment for you is well worthwhile. You can get a fixed price from us or we can work on a fixed hourly rate with regular status updates to give you peace of mind.

Trust Scaletronic to install your project.

Our installation team specialise in the installation and maintenance of integrated materials handling systems.

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