DSV Projects

The Challenge – And The Solution

The Challenge

As one of the leading players in the Scandinavian logistics market, DSV Sweden needed to modernise their old, slow automation systems.

The Solution 

Scaletronic designed and implemented a solution based on our M505 Freight Volume Parcel System and our Scaletronic Dimension Scanner software, with parcel sortation for 2,000 parcels per hour.

This communicates directly with the DSV IT systems to exchange and store data.

The Scaletronic system is backed up by a comprehensive service agreement to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

The Result

Scaletronic has satisfactorily installed 6 systems in 6 DSV terminals.

Now DSV can invoice more accurately, achieve higher parcel throughput, in less time, with less cost, and with increased capacity for the future.

You can see more on DSV here: www.dsv.com