The Dimension Scanner Concept

The Product

Freight Volume System is an innovative system measuring dimension (Length, Width, Height) and weight of parcels and palletized goods.

The system register the ID number by barcode reading and is a complete turnkey solution for freight handlers like DHL, UPS, TNT, etc.

The volume weight is greater than the physical weight for an average of 75 percent of shipments.

It is therefore a good idea for freight companies to measure the dimensions of freight.



  • MID Approved
  • Certified dimension measuring system (OIML R129)
  • Certified automatic dynamic scale (OIML R51)
  • Sturdy and reliable construction
  • Simple operation
  • Positioning of shipment not critical
  • Mathematical streamer trimming
  • Operated by scanning barcodes
  • Barcode filter defines approved codes (incl. international SSCC codes)
  • Complete conveyor belt control with graphical status image
  • Windows Based
  • Multitasking
  • SQL database
  • Automatic transfer of data to client’s FTP server
  • Complete motor control with safety relay and emergency stop for the primary circuit. Complies with EN 60204-1 (Machine directive, cat. 3)
  • Photos of shipment from the front and rear, angled (stores images for two months)
  • Wireless barcode readers


  • Automatic barcode readers
  • Label filter with priority configuration
  • EDI database for shipments known in advance
  • Route database
  • Error log

MID Approvals

The MID directive entered into force on 30 October 2006. From this date volume scanning systems have to be MID approved, if used for invoicing. This very stringent directive applies in 29 countries. Approvals are based on OIML recommendations.

Our Freight Volume System M101, M202, M303, M404 and M505 are MID Type Approved which means you are permitted to use the data for invoicing.

MID Approved Certificates -Dimension Scanner Scaletronic
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Systems in practice

Several systems on the market have limitations in their approval. This will decrease the number of terminals where you are allowed to use the approved system:

Claudi Johansen, DANAK: “The owner of the instrument is responsible for ensuring that the MID Approved instrument is suited to its application. The same conditions also apply to automatic scales.”


Most terminals are huge buildings without heating system. The temperature is therefore near outdoor temperature.

The industrial temperature range for this area is -10 to +40 oC

Scaletronic MID Approved M505

Parcel types

It is quite popular to wrap parcels in black or clear plastic. This will give a shiny surface which will reflect laser-light or absorb the beams.

Further the color differs from white to black, which can be difficult to measure for reflective measuring systems.

Often there will be protrusions like tape-ends or tags from stickers etc. Some systems include these protrusions in the calculation of the volume – which can give a huge additional volume compared to the boxes.

Freight Volume System is Type-approved for Industrial Temperature Range, Reflective surfaces and mathematical removal of protrusions before calculating volume.

Photos of the freight

Freight Volume System is equipped, as standard, with 2  cameras. At the measuring of Volume and Weight, it takes 2 pictures of the freight.

Together with the ID registration, the Freight Volume System is the only system that combines the:

  • ID number
  • Length, Width, Height
  • Weight
  • 2 pictures of the freight
  • Date

For other systems you have to find the match in different systems, with high possibility of errors.

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