Airport consignment system for airfreight

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The way of handling freight as Air Cargo is standardized. The label on the parcels has to comply with the IATA standard. All Air Lines in the world (approximately 230) use this standard.

International IATA Label

The international AWB barcode contains following information:

  • 3 digits: Air code (Representing: SAS, KLM, LH, BA, etc.)
  • 8 digits: Air-waybill Consignment no.
  • 5 digits: Parcel item no.

On each label in the Consignment is printed the total number of parcels in the consignment.


When scanning an AWB code, which has not been scanned before, the system will ask for the total number of coli in the AWB consignment. After entering this number, the system creates a list for this AWB. Each time a parcel is scanned, on any Freight Volume System, with this AWB no. the list will be updated with the registration.

When all parcels are registered, the system will close the consignment and send an e-mail to the Flight Company, signalling that the whole consignment is ready for dispatch.

Freight Handling Company

The freight handler receives the boxes attached with the AWB label. The boxes are handled through the Freight Volume System, which automatically perform registrations for different purposes:

  1. An e-mail is sent to the Air Line when the consignment is full.
  2. All individual registrations are available on the Internet, for each Air Line.
  3. Registrations are sent to the Handling Company
  4. Excel files can be extracted for consignments, used for calculating percent of checked freight.


The registration of the parcels is unique:

Id no., Weight, Length, Width, Height and two pictures of the freight is stored in the database for two months.

International approval

Freight Volume system is international MID approved for invoicing purposes, which includes the OIML recommendations R129 (Dimension) and R51 (Weight).


The system includes a wide set of analysis tools including surveillance of the connected handling units.

Air Cargo Handling Case Study

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